Blocks and template Design and management
Block Management and Web formats (Blocks and template Design and management)

the main parts that can be placed in the Home as blocks are defined in this section. (First Page consists of three columns right, left and middle columns that these can be reducing two or one. The width of a column is adjustable.) The related form of this section contains these items: title, location (row and column where the block is created), the number of displaying  information of block in the Home Page and archive page (the number of rows and columns to display), the mode of Displaying information ( determine what parts of the first page or archive page such as the headline and summary will be display ...) , icons which if there is no image for next to a title to display content , and items to determine whether members of this site can send information or in this section RSS system is in or not.
Blocks can be easily moveable and the location of each of them is changeable. All of the parts that are created in a block definition section can have an special and separated category. In this section, three layers can be defined by category. The items in this section include: title if category, related link of this category (if required), picture (icon) and items for providing information contained in this classification to special members. Each of these categories is supplant able instead of another category.