Articles management
In this system Data entry form is designed so that it is included all items which are needed at sites. For example : start date and end date of displaying, group and subgroup, title, summary, text, writer (with links), translator (with links), sources (with links), keywords and related subjects of the articles , an item for determining users views sending, and photographs which are related to the articles. One of the images of the articles can be attributed to an original photo which is displayed as a small image side articles headlines.
Every articles could be the most important articles in the site, in the type of information, in a particular group .After selecting that image it will be displayed with large photo on the home page as the main headline.
In the full text pages (details) of the subjects there are useful features for users:
The full path of the current page( the site path which is achieved), the possibility for sending desired content to others , viewing  Printable sample, Rating to subjects, the number of viewing that articles, the number of clicks, the date of updating,  author, translator, Source and etc.